The first animals to see the world around them!

Although they are now extinct, Anthropods flourished in the sea, from the Cambrian through the Permian Periods. Trilobites were hard-shelled, segmented creatures that existed over 300 million years ago in the ancient seas. They went extinct before the dinosaurs even existed, and are the signature creatures of the Paleozoic Era.

Trilobites are made up of eight orders, over 150 families, about 5,000 genera and over 15,000 described species. Most Trilobites are one inch long, however they have been found measuring two feet! The appeal of the trilobite is that you can hold and examine an entire fossil in your hand.

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Crotalocephalus GibbusCrotalocephalus Gibbus
Metacanthina Barrandei Metacanthina Barrandei
Cambropallas TelestoCambropallas Telesto
Leonaspis - Coming Soon!Leonaspis - Coming Soon!
Morocconites  - Coming Soon!Morocconites - Coming Soon!

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