Metacanthina Barrandei

Extinct Sea creatures similar to present day horseshoe crabs. They had Hard Exoskeletons with many multi-jointed Legs. These were the Predominant animals of the Palaeozoic Era (600-225 million yrs ago). There were thousands of different species and these animals were the first ones on Earth to have highly developed vision, as evident from the compound eyes that are amazingly preserved in some of the species.

Metacanthina barrande (Order: Phacopida; Suborder: Phacopina; Family: Dalmanitidae) that has familial association with Comura and Psychopyge. It is from the Devonian strata (some 380 million years old) of Morocco, from near Alnif.

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Click to enlargeMetacanthina BarrandeiGreat specimen with detail.

Overall size 4" X 3" -- trilobite size 2.75" x 1.75"

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Click to enlargeMetacanthina BarrandeiDetailed specimen on matrix.

Overall size 3.5" x 3" -- trilobite size 2.5" x 1.5"

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Click to enlargeMetacanthina Barrandei -- SOLDVery nice small specimen, a great gift!.

Overall Size 3" x 2.5" -- trilobite size 2" x 1.25"


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