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The GIANT of Morrocco. This is a great trilobite, the Drotops from the Devonian of Morocco. Commonnly called as Phacops Africanus, the correct scientific name is Drotops Megalomanicus. DROTOPS has a pustulose shell, dramatic segments and lobes, and large multi-lens eyes. These are the largest Devonian trilobites and are perfect for show.

These specimens are excavated from the Devonian deposits of the Atlas Mountain range, located southwest of Erfoud in the pre-Sahara region of Morocco.

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Click to enlargeDrotopsThis Drotops is a very visual specimen, the trilobite is well poised with nice detail and full inflation. This out-stretched Drotops is 3-dimensional. The thick-shelled exoskeleton is covered with coarse pustules, and the individual lenses of the large compound eyes are well defined.

Overall Size: 5" long X 3.75" wide

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Click to enlargeDrotops - EnrolledThis large bug has nice skeletal detail and is displayed on matrix.

Overall enrolled size: 6.25" long X 3" wide and stands 3" tall.

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Click to enlargeDrotops - EnrolledUnique display of enrolled Drotops trilobite. Good skeletal detail with some lense and coarse pustules visible.

Overall enrolled size: 6.5" long X 3.5" wide and 4.5" high.

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