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Deep in the ancient sea bottom desert of Utah comes the Selenite crystal into the light of the sun and now to you. Selenite has a water molecule in it's crystaline structure and resonates with the water molecules of our bodies. It is from the ancient sea as we are. It's light is warm and gives off an earthy glow. Donít be surprised if you see images in and through the snow-white crystal. It has sea, animal, Indian and other earth energy.

Astrological Sign - Cancer
Element - Water
Chakra - Crown
Greater insight
Psychic development
Awareness, sheds light, mental clarity
Access to subconscious
Decision making
Angelic and Spirit world contact
Access to past lives.

Selenite Lamps come with UL approved electrical cord and 7 watt bulb.

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Click to enlargeSelenite Spiral LampUnique completely polished Selenite Spiral Lamp.

Overall size 10" x 3"

SS-201Regular price: $150.00Sale price: $97.00
Click to enlargeSelenite Tangerine SquarePolished smooth, glows brightly.

Overall Size 3.5" X 3.5"

TS-101Regular price: $35.00Sale price: $18.00
Click to enlargeSpiral Polished SeleniteHighly polished attractive selenite spiral on light box. This photo show the fiber optic value of selenite.

Selenite Spiral 6" H X 2" W
Overall Size (includes light box) 7.5" H X 3.75"
3 AA Batteries not included.

SC-205Regular price: $89.00Sale price: $62.00
Click to enlargeSelenite Globe 2.5"Polished 2.5" Selenite Globe. The light reflects on your sphere and creates a wonderful shine. Selenite is a soft stone, with natural patterns along the surface, and it should not be placed in water.

SG-101Regular price: $45.00Sale price: $28.00
Click to enlargeSelenite Lamp Peak LARGE beautiful white glowing mountain peak.

Average Size: 12" - 14" tall -- Average Weight: 12 lbs

SP-101Regular price: $175.00Sale price: $99.00

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