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No fossil collection is complete without a Coprolite specimen!

Coprolite, meaning "dung stone" is fossilized animal waste. Coprolite does not smell bad, it has undergone a long fossilization process. Coprolites record the diet, feeding behavior, and habitat of prehistoric animals. Paleontologists can study the contents of Coprolite to see what one meal of an animal consisted of. For example, if the Coprolite consists of partially digested plant material such as leaves, seeds, bark, and roots, the animal in question was probably an herbivore or "plant-eater"; if the Coprolite contains bits of animal material such as crushed bits of bones, sinew, and claws, the animal in question was a carnivore or "meat-eater". Coprolite comes in many shapes and sizes depending on the animal it came from. Its color depends on the type of soil and minerals in which it was buried. Coprolites and other fossils are often found in exposed sedimentary rock in the badlands, weathered cliffs, roadcuts, etc.

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Coprolite SpecimenCoprolite SpecimenHeavy, rough specimen.

Overall size 4" x 2.5" at widest point.

CP-356Regular price: $66.00Sale price: $40.00
Coprolite SpecimenCoprolite SpecimenFlecks of red and blue grey. Polished face.

Overall Size 4.75" X 4" and 4.25" deep

CP-359Regular price: $85.00Sale price: $49.00
Coprolite SpecimenCoprolite SpecimenOverall Size 4.5" long and 2" at widest point.

CP-349Regular price: $66.00Sale price: $42.00
Coprolite SpecimenCoprolite SpecimenPolished face, specimen with shades of beige, blue and some red.

Overall Size 5.5" X 2.5" and 1.75" thick

CP-361Regular price: $70.00Sale price: $39.00
Coprolite SpecimenCoprolite SpecimenColorful rusty specimen.

Overall size 3" and 1.5" at widest point.

CP-358Regular price: $58.00Sale price: $36.00
Coprolite Specimen -- Face PolishedCoprolite Specimen -- Face PolishedLARGE speckled specimen.

Overall Size 7" x 4.5"

CP-355Regular price: $130.00Sale price: $82.00
Coprolite SpecimenCoprolite SpecimenLong, slender specimen.

Overall size 5" x 1.5" at widest point.

C-348Regular price: $82.00Sale price: $48.00
Coprolite SpecimenCoprolite SpecimenSpecimen has shades of grey, beige, blue and hints of red.

Overall Size 8" x 4.25" and 1.5" thick

CP-360Regular price: $84.00Sale price: $52.00
Coprolite SpecimenCoprolite SpecimenHeavy, rough specimen.

Overall Size 3.75" x 2.75" at widest point.

CP-357Regular price: $62.00Sale price: $42.00
Coprolite Specimen - Face PolishedCoprolite Specimen - Face PolishedLarge specimen with shades of green, grey and red.

Overall Size 6.5" x 5"

CP-353Regular price: $150.00Sale price: $112.00

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