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Amethyst the most highly valued stone of the quartz group. Amethyst has been called the "Addicts Stone" at times because of its metaphysical property of easing problems with unwanted habits and releasing addictions. Amethyst enhances mental and emotional stability. It relieves depression and can help conquer unwanted habits and addictions, particularly alcoholism. It is a stone of peace and balance. It also enhances intuition and psychic abilities, and thus is used in many magical workings. It relieves stress and diseases associated with overindulgence such as gout.

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Amethyst Double PointAmethyst Double Point2 LARGE Amethyst Points with deep color in matrix. Very nice specimen. Overall size 4.75" H x 4.25" W

A-120Regular price: $140.00Sale price: $98.00
Standing Amethyst PointStanding Amethyst PointUpright Amethyst Point with deep color.

Overall Size 3.5" x 3.5"

AP-106Regular price: $90.00Sale price: $48.00
Amethyst SwirlAmethyst SwirlUnique! Completely polished flame shaped swirl. Overall size 4.5" H x 4" W

AS-106Regular price: $120.00Sale price: $75.00

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