Click to enlargeAmethyst Clusters and Chunks

The most notable sources of amethyst in Brazil come from Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia and Maraba. Brazilian amethyst are typically found in vugs, or small cavities in rocks lined with crystals. Among the rock containing amethyst crystal in Brazil are large pockets formed by volcanic material. Some vugs were formed from lava and magmatic flow over trees or gas bubbles created by heat convection. The crystals that are produced in these areas vary in color saturation from pale to medium lilac to deep purple. The color in the crystals of these vugs is highly concentrated in the tips of the visible termination of each crystal.

Amethyst from the Uruguay region vary in saturation from a medium saturated to a deep highly saturated purple. Like in Brazil, crystals here are also found in volcanic vugs. The vugs of Uruguay are host rocks with a gray or brownish exterior and the larger vugs contain stalactites and other formations on which amethyst druses form. The entire crystal of each amethyst contains the coloration typical of this region.

Amethyst creates a dramatic and rich appearance in any home or office.

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Click to enlargeAmethyst ClusterGorgeous! Light, medium, and dark Amethyst colored crystals with hints of citrine. Polished edge. Display base included.

Overall Size 11" H X 4.5" W -- Weight 4 lbs.

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Click to enlargeAmethyst RingGorgeous Amethyst Slice with detailed banding.

Overall size 13" X 9.5" and 1.5" thick

AG-205Regular price: $250.00Sale price: $185.00
Click to enlargeAmethyst ChunkShimmering lilac crystals with the added surprise of crystalline calcite dog teeth. Display stand included.

Overall Size: 6.5" H X 6.75 W -- Weight 5.5 lbs

AC-142Regular price: $185.00Sale price: $148.00
Click to enlargeAmethyst ChunkLarge and medium Smoky Amethyst color.

Overall Size 13.5" X 8" -- Weight 14 lbs

AC-165Regular price: $240.00Sale price: $165.00

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