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Agate provides for the balancing of physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies that increases self-confidence, improves vitality and energy. It stabilizes the aura providing for a cleansing effect which acts to smooth dysfunctional energies and to both transform and eliminate negativity. It further assists one in the development of precision in examination of ones self and circumstances relevant to ones well-being. In historical times, it was placed in water for use in cooking and/or for drinking in order to dispel sickness. Agate can be used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. It provides for perceptiveness to situations and awakens one inherent talent. It is also used to produce inspiration from and connected-ness with the entities residing in the spiritual worlds.

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Click to enlargeAgate SlabGorgeous ivory slab with shades of brown, sprinkled with black. Sparking crystal cave formations.

Over all size 8" x 10" -- Weight 6 lbs

AS-515Regular price: $180.00Sale price: $125.00
Click to enlargeAgate SlabAgate slab with caramel colored trim.

Overall Size 10" x 11" -- Weight 7 lbs

AS-514Regular price: $120.00Sale price: $65.00
Click to enlargeAgate SliceBeautiful small Agate slice.

Overall Size 5.5" x 5"

AS-229Regular price: $68.00Sale price: $36.00
Click to enlargeAgate SlabGorgeous flam shaped slab.

Overall size 13" x 6.5"

AS-508Regular price: $110.00Sale price: $75.00
Click to enlargeAgate SliceGorgeous piece!! Detailed banding and center druze of cocoa brown. Display stand included.

Overall size 11.5" X 8" and 1.25" thick -- Weight 7 lbs

AS-105Regular price: $140.00Sale price: $84.00
Click to enlargeAgate SliceBeautiful shades of brown and blue.

Overall Size 13" x 7.5"

AS-230Regular price: $120.00Sale price: $65.00
Click to enlargeAgate Slice - SOLDBeautiful Agate Slice. Shades of beige, blue and grey.

Overall Size 9.75" x 7.75" and 1.5" thick

Click to enlargeAgate Slice - SOLDThis Agate slice has been dyed blue. Has center druze.

Overall Size 9" x 10"


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